Insured and Authorized Trainers in Bridle Path

As of August 12, 2019

Per BPHOA CC&Rs, our facilities are not open to non-residents unless they are accompanied by a BPHOA homeowner. BPHOA homeowners are not allowed to provide services on or access to Common Area property (trails and arenas) to non-residents in return for monetary or other consideration, whether you accompany the non-resident(s) or not. All trainers conducting lessons, training horses or even just exercising horses on Bridle Path property with paying customers must provide the Board with a certificate of insurance naming BP as an additional insured. To inquire about being listed on this page and obtaining the proper insurance, send an email to to be advised on what is needed.

The following trainers are in good standing and have a valid Certificate of Insurance on file with BPHOA through the date mentioned below.  Contact trainers for their speciality.

               Name                                      Contact Information               Expiration Date

               Allie Ester                               (805) 637-6652                         May 7, 2020

               Tracy Lynn Georgen               (805) 816-4137                         March 2, 2020

               Hope Strickland                      (818) 644-3323                         Feb. 9, 2020

               Elois-Brett Kress                    (805) 701-6740                          Feb. 9, 2020

               Lisa DeMattia Hehr                (805) 558-6420                          Sept. 21, 2019

               David Jeffers                          (310) 612-9110                          August 6, 2020


The following trainers have been in good standing in the past, but whose Certificate of Insurance on file with BPHOA has expired. These trainers must refile a current Certificate of Insurance with BPHOA to restore their authorization to train on BP property:

          Name                                         Date Expired

          Kim Goto Miner                         Feb. 20, 2019
          Stacy Hill                                   April 2019
          Katie Emmermann                    April 2019
          Jamie Mosley                           July 9, 2019