Meetings & Newsletters

NOTICE: Due to California Gov. Gavin Newson's recent Executive Order N-33-20 in regards to the Coronavirus crisis along with consultation with BPHOA legal counsel, the Board has moved to hold all future BPHOA Board meetings beginning March 26 by conference call until further notice.

Board Teleconference meetings may be attended with the Zoom conferencing webpage or app using the Conf. Code listed below for each meeting. Also please note that, in addition to the Conf. Code, you will be asked for a password. This password is NOT published on the BPHOA website, but is contained in the meeting agenda which can be downloaded, below.

Thanks for your support!

The annual members' meeting and board elections are held at the January meeting each year.
Dates marked with * are not on the usual '2nd Thursday' schedule.


Board Meeting Date
Conf. Code
Thu, Dec 10
Thu, Nov 12
Thu, Oct 8
Thu, Sept 10
Thu, Aug 13
Thu, July 9
Thu, June 11
Thu, May 14
Thu, Apr 23*
Special Mtg319-228-907
Thu, Apr 9
Thu, Mar 26 (6pm)*
Special Mtg743-650-713
Thu, Mar 12
Tue, Feb 18 *
Thu, Feb 13 (8pm)*
Annual Mtg
Thu, Jan 30*
Special Mtg
Thu, Jan 9


Board Meeting Date
Thu, Dec 12
Thu, Nov 18*
Thu, Oct 24*
Thu, Sept 12
Thu, Aug 15
Thu, July 11
Thu, June 6*
Tue, May 21

Thu, May 2*
No Minutes
Tue, Apr 9
Tue, Mar 26*

Tue, Mar 12
Tue, Feb 12

Thu, Feb 7*

Tue, Jan 29
Annual Mtg
Tue, Jan 8


Board Meeting DateAgendaMinutesNewsletter
Tue, Dec 11AgendaMinutesNewsletter
Tue. Nov 13AgendaMinutesNewsletter
Tue, Oct 9AgendaMinutesNewsletter
Tue. Sept 11AgendaMinutesNewsletter
Tue, Aug 14AgendaMinutesNewsletter
Sun, Aug 5AgendaMinutesSpecial
Tue, July 10AgendaMinutesNewsletter
Tue, June 12AgendaMinutesNewsletter
Tue, May 22AgendaMinutesSpecial
Tue, May 8AgendaMinutesNewsletter
Tue, Apr 10AgendaMinutesNewsletter
Tue, Mar 13AgendaMinutesNewsletter
Tue, Feb 13AgendaMinutesNewsletter
Tue, Jan 16 Annual MtgAgendaMinutesNewsletter


Board Meeting DateAgendaMinutesNewsletter
Tue, Dec 12AgendaMinutesNewsletter
Tue, Nov 14AgendaMinutesNewsletter
Tue, Oct 17* (Royal HS)AgendaMinutesNewsletter
Tue, Sep 12AgendaMinutesNewsletter
Tue, Aug 08AgendaMinutesNewsletter
Thu, July 13*AgendaMinutesNewsletter
Tue, June 13AgendaMinutesNewsletter
Tue, May 09AgendaMinutesNewsletter
Tue, Apr 11Agenda Minutes Newsletter
Tue, Mar 14Agenda Minutes Newsletter
Tue, Feb 14Agenda Minutes Newsletter
Mon, Jan 24Agenda MinutesAnnual Mtg
Mon, Jan 10CancelledCancelled Newsletter


Board Meeting DateAgendaMinutesNewsletter
Tue, Dec 13Agenda Minutes Newsletter
Thu, Nov 10*Agenda Minutes Newsletter
Tue, Oct 11Agenda Minutes Newsletter
Tue, Sep 13Agenda Minutes Newsletter
Thu, Aug 11*Agenda Minutes Newsletter
Tue, July 12Agenda Minutes Newsletter
Sat, June 18*Agenda Minutes Newsletter
Tue, May 10Agenda Minutes Newsletter
Tue, Apr 12Agenda Minutes Newsletter
Tue, Mar 8Agenda Minutes Newsletter
Tue, Feb 9Agenda Minutes Newsletter
Mon, Jan 25Agenda Minutes Annual Mtg
Mon, Jan 18Agenda Minutes Newsletter


Board Meeting DateAgendaMinutesNewsletter
Mon, Dec 21 Agenda Minutes Newsletter
Mon, Dec 16* Agenda Minutes Emergency
Wed, Dec 2* Agenda Minutes Emergency
Mon, Nov 16 Agenda Minutes Newsletter
Mon, Oct 19 Agenda Minutes Newsletter
Mon, Oct 9* Agenda Minutes Special
Mon, Sep 21 Agenda Minutes Newsletter
Sun, Sep 13*Agenda Minutes Emergency
Mon, Aug 17 Agenda MinutesNewsletter
Fri, Jul 24*Agenda Minutes Special
Mon, Jul 20 Agenda Minutes Newsletter
Mon, Jun 15 Agenda Minutes Newsletter
Sun, May 17* (6:00pm) Agenda Minutes Newsletter
Sun, Apr 19* (6:00pm) Agenda Minutes Newsletter
Fri, Mar 27* Agenda Minutes Special
Mon, Mar 16 Agenda Minutes Newsletter
Mon, Feb 16 Agenda Minutes Newsletter
Mon, Feb 2* Agenda Minutes Special
Mon, Jan 19 (Annual Mtg) Agenda Minutes Proxy
Mon, Jan 19 (Board Meeting) Agenda Minutes Newsletter


Mon, Dec 15AgendaMinutesNewsletter
Sat, Dec 13AgendaMinutes(Electronic)
W/Th, Nov 26/27*AgendaMinutes(Electronic)
Mon, Nov 17AgendaMinutesNewsletter
Th/F, Oct 23/24*AgendaMinutes(Electronic)
Mon, Oct 20AgendaMinutesNewsletter
Mon, Sep 15 AgendaMinutesNewsletter
Mon, Aug 18 AgendaMinutesNewsletter
Mon, Jul 28* AgendaMinutesBoard - at First St. Arena
Mon, Jul 21 AgendaMinutesNewsletter
Mon, Jun 16 AgendaMinutesNewsletter
Mon, May 19 AgendaMinutes Newsletter
Mon, Apr 21 Agenda MinutesNewsletter
Mon, Mar 17 Agenda Minutes Newsletter
Mon, Feb 17 Agenda Minutes Newsletter
Mon, Jan 21 Agenda MinutesNewsletter


Mon, Dec 16Agenda Minutes Newsletter
Mon, Nov 18 Agenda Minutes Newsletter
Mon, Nov 4* Agenda Minutes (Board)
Mon, Oct 28 Agenda Minutes (Special - Homeowners)
Mon, Oct 21 Agenda Minutes Newsletter
Mon, Sep 16 Agenda Minutes (none)
Mon, Aug 19 Agenda Minutes Newsletter
Mon, Jul 15 Agenda Minutes Newsletter
Mon, Jul 1* Agenda Minutes (Special - Homeowners)
Mon, Jun 17 Agenda Minutes Newsletter
Mon, May 20 Agenda Minutes Newsletter
Mon, Apr 15 Agenda Minutes Newsletter
Mon, Mar 18 Agenda Minutes Newsletter
Mon, Feb 18 Agenda Minutes Newsletter
Mon, Jan 21 Agenda Minutes Newsletter


Mon, Dec 17MinutesNewsletter
Mon, Nov 12*MinutesNewsletter
Mon, Oct 15MinutesNewsletter
Mon, Sep 17MinutesNewsletter
Mon, Aug 20MinutesNewsletter
Mon, Jul 16MinutesNewsletter
Mon, Jun 18AgendaMinutesNewsletter
Mon, May 21AgendaMinutesNewsletter
Mon, Apr 16AgendaMinutesNewsletter
Fri, Apr 06*Minutes(Emergency)
Mon, Mar 19MinutesNewsletter
Mon, Mar 12*Minutes(Emergency)
Thu, Feb 23*Minutes(Emergency)
Mon, Feb 20AgendaMinutes
Tue, Feb 07*AgendaMinutes(Board)
Mon, Jan 30*AgendaMinutesNewsletter


Mon, Dec 19AgendaMinutesNewsletter
Mon, Dec 05*AgendaMinutes(Board - By-Laws)
Mon, Nov 21AgendaMinutesNewsletter
Mon, Nov 14*AgendaMinutes(Board - By-Laws)
Mon, Oct 17AgendaMinutesNewsletter
Mon, Sep 19MinutesNewsletter
Mon, Aug 15MinutesNewsletter
Thu, Aug 05*Minutes(Board - By-Laws)
Mon, Jul 18MinutesNewsletter
Mon, Jun 20MinutesNewsletter
Mon, May 16MinutesNewsletter
Mon, Apr 18MinutesNewsletter
Mon, Mar 21MinutesNewsletter
Mon, Feb 21MinutesNewsletter
Mon, Jan 24MinutesNewsletter


Mon, Dec 20MinutesNewsletter
Mon, Nov 15MinutesNewsletter
Wed, Nov 3MinutesSpecial
Mon, Oct 17MinutesNewsletter
Mon, Sep 20MinutesNewsletter
Mon, Sep 14AgendaMinutesSpecial
Mon, Aug 16MinutesNewsletter
Mon, Jul 19MinutesNewsletter
Mon, Jun 21MinutesNewsletter
Mon, May 17MinutesNewsletter
Mon, Apr 19AgendaMinutesNewsletter
Mon, Mar 17MinutesNewsletter
Mon, Mar 15ElectionsNewsletter
Mon, Feb 15(No Mtg)Newsletter
Mon, Jan 18ElectionsNewsletter


Mon, Dec 21MinutesNewsletter
Mon, Nov 16MinutesNewsletter
Mon, Oct 19MinutesNewsletter
Mon, Sep 21MinutesNewsletter
Mon, Aug 21Recall
Mon, Jul 20MinutesNewsletter
Mon, Jun 22MinutesNewsletter
Mon, May 18MinutesNewsletter
Mon, Apr 20MinutesNewsletter
Mon, Mar 30MinutesNewsletter
Mon, Feb 16MinutesNewsletter
Mon, Jan 20MinutesNewsletter


Mon, Dec 15MinutesNewsletter
Mon, Nov 17MinutesNewsletter
Mon, Oct 20MinutesNewsletter
Mon, Sep 15MinutesNewsletter
Mon, Aug 25MinutesNewsletter
Mon, Jul 21MinutesNewsletter
Mon, Jun 16MinutesNewsletter
Mon, May 19MinutesNewsletter
Mon, Apr 21MinutesNewsletter
Mon, Mar 18MinutesNewsletter
Mon, Feb 18MinutesNewsletter
Mon, Jan 27MinutesNewsletter
Mon, Jan 22MinutesElections


Mon, Dec 17MinutesNewsletter
Mon, Nov 19MinutesNewsletter
Mon, Oct 15MinutesNewsletter
Mon, Sep 17MinutesNewsletter
Mon, Aug 20MinutesNewsletter
Mon, Jul 16MinutesNewsletter
Mon, Jun 11MinutesNewsletter
Mon, May 14MinutesNewsletter
Mon, Apr 9MinutesNewsletter
Mon, Mar 12MinutesNewsletter
Wed, Feb 28MinutesNewsletter
Mon, Feb 12MinutesNewsletter
Mon, Jan 31MinutesNewsletter
Mon, Jan 16MinutesNewsletter
Mon, Jan 8MinutesNewsletter


Fri, Dec 15MinutesSpecial
Mon, Dec 11MinutesNewsletter
Mon, Nov 13MinutesNewsletter
Wed, Oct 25Minutes
Wed, Oct 18MinutesSpecial
Mon, Oct 9MinutesNewsletter
Wed, Sep 27Minutes
Mon, Sep 11MinutesNewsletter
Wed, Aug 30Minutes
Mon, Aug 14MinutesNewsletter
Mon, Jul 10MinutesNewsletter
Mon, Jun 12MinutesNewsletter
Wed, May 31Minutes
Mon, May 8MinutesNewsletter
Wed, Apr 26Minutes
Mon, Apr 10MinutesNewsletter
Wed, Mar 29Minutes
Mon, Mar 13MinutesNewsletter
Wed, Mar 1Minutes
Mon, Feb 13MinutesNewsletter
Sun, Jan 22Minutes
Tue, Jan 17MinutesElections
Mon, Jan 9MinutesNewsletter


Mon, Dec 12MinutesNewsletter
Mon, Nov 14MinutesNewsletter
Mon, Oct 10MinutesNewsletter
Mon, Sep 12MinutesNewsletter
Mon, Aug 8MinutesNewsletter
Mon, Jul 11MinutesNewsletter
Mon, Jun 13MinutesNewsletter
Mon, May 9MinutesNewsletter
Mon, Apr 11MinutesNewsletter
Mon, Mar 14MinutesNewsletter
Mon, Feb 14MinutesNewsletter
Mon, Jan 17MinutesElections
Mon, Jan 10MinutesNewsletter


Mon, Dec 13MinutesNewsletter
Mon, Nov 8MinutesNewsletter
Mon, Oct 11MinutesNewsletter
Mon, Sep 13MinutesNewsletter
Mon, Aug 9MinutesNewsletter
Mon, Jul 12MinutesNewsletter
Mon, Jun 14MinutesNewsletter
Mon, May 10MinutesNewsletter
Mon, Apr 12MinutesNewsletter
Mon, Mar 8MinutesNewsletter
Mon, Feb 9MinutesNewsletter
Mon, Jan 12MinutesNewsletter


Mon, Dec 8Minutes