Contact Info

Board Contacts (As of 19 Feb, 2018)

Email to all Board Members:    Phone: 805-328-4456

PRESIDENT: Jim Pantaleo;


TREASURER: Dave Miller;

SECRETARY: Chris McCarty;

MEMBER-AT-LARGE: Len Markowitz;

Board Webmail Portal (For board use only)

Committee Contacts: (For any emergencies, contact 805-328-4456.)

Architecture - Dave Miller, chair

Arenas - Amy Obringer, chair

Bridlepaths - Jim Pantaleo

CC&Rs - Chris McCarty, chair

Communications - Jim Pantaleo, chair

Events - Jill Hartman, chair

Landscape - Len Markowitz, chair

Mountain Park - Russ Pungrchar, chair

Welcoming - Dave Miller, chair

Card Keys, Restroom & Challenger Park Keys - Dave Miller

BPHOA Bookkeeper

The Emmons Company
P.O Box 5098
Thousand Oaks, CA 91359
805-413-1170 (Phone)
805-413-1190 (Fax)

Kat Padilla (Bookkeeper):
Pam Zegers (Cust. Service):
Kathy Emmons (Manager):


Physical Address:
    The Emmons Company
    One Boardwalk Avenue, Suite 102
    Thousand Oaks, CA 91360

City and County Contacts:

City of Simi Valley.........................: 805-583-6700
Simi Valley Police (emergency).....: 911
                            (non-emergency): 805-583-6950
Simi Valley Code Enforcement.....: 805-583-6753
Simi Valley Graffiti Removal........: 805-583-6444