1. Please help the sandbags do their intended job by cleaning away any built up debris such as leaves, pine needles, pine cones, etc. from behind the bags and outlet pipes. For those of you in the earlier phases of the development that have small concrete swales at your split rail fence lines, please keep them clean. If you have a catch basin or drain opening in those swales, please keep them clean and free flowing to the curb opening outlet. And finally, if you have a catch basin in your driveway, please keep that clean, the front opening unblocked, and free flowing pipe to the curb opening outlet.

2. Keeping your bridle path area, driveway apron approach, and street frontage of your property clear of displaced sand and debris is a CC&R OBLIGATION for each lot owner to follow. So that you don’t have to search through the CC&Rs, here is the latest update on that topic as of May, 1980:

“It is the obligation of each lot owner to keep that portion of the bridle path, driveway and street which fronts on or is on the lot of such owner, clear of displaced sand and debris”

We understand that some material may wash down from uphill properties, but that is often the same situation for all of us. Some of the material simply comes from car tires going in/out of driveways carrying small amounts of sand or D.G. to the streets. It usually takes only five or ten minutes to sweep it up immediately after a rain and toss back to the bridle path. We, your neighbors, and the City appreciate your help and efforts to keep the streets and therefore storm drains clean.

With appreciation,
Your Board of Directors

Flood Damage on your Property? Attend the next BPHOA Board Meeting!

Brent Siemer, Simi Valley Public Works Director, will speak before the monthly Board meeting from 6:30pm-7:00pm on March 12th about the National Flood Insurance Program and how you can know your flood risk and protect life and property. There will be a Q & A to follow.

Residents that live on Languid will find this particularly helpful! 

The meeting is at The Museum of Military History - 1555 Simi Center Way, Suite 220, Simi Valley


Bridle Path is a beautiful and rustic equestrian community located in southwestern Simi Valley against the north side of the Santa Monica Mountains Recreation Area.

Established in 1978, the community consists of 630 homes, each on one-half acre or more of land; 7 arenas; 2 round pens; and one 1700-acre private mountain park on the south side against Challenger Park reserved exclusively for association members' equine and pedestrian activities.  Horse trails run on one side of all of the streets in the community and connect to the trails in the private mountain park.

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At most any time of the day, you will see people out walking, riding, and playing with their horses.