** NOTICE **

The BPHOA Board has been informed that the Committee to Preserve the Beauty of Bridle Path (which is not an official committee of BPHOA) has recently distributed an email to selected homeowners with incorrect and misleading information.

Contrary to the email, the Election Rules are, indeed, posted on the BPHOA website, as they have been for several years.  You may find them by clicking on the Docs/Forms tab at the top of this page, and then clicking on the Consolidated Rules & Regulations link under the Bylaws, CC&Rs, and Rules section.  Starting on page 3 of this document, you will find the Election Rules as they were compiled and posted to the BPHOA website in January 2007.

The email also misleads readers by stating that the current Board may have changed some of these rules.  This is untrue.  The Board has not changed any of those rules, nor are there any plans to amend the current Election Rules.

Thanks for allowing us to get you the correct information.

Your Board of Directors


Bridle Path is a beautiful and rustic equestrian community located in southwestern Simi Valley against the north side of the Santa Monica Mountains Recreation Area.

Established in 1978, the community consists of 630 homes, each on one-half acre or more of land; 7 arenas; 2 round pens; and one 1700-acre private mountain park on the south side against Challenger Park reserved exclusively for association members' equine and pedestrian activities.  Horse trails run on one side of all of the streets in the community and connect to the trails in the private mountain park.

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At most any time of the day, you will see people out walking, riding, and playing with their horses.